Foreign & International

Animal Law Resource Center
The site is intended to serve as a clearinghouse for animal-related legal information, from pending legislation through relevant case law digests. utilizes information contained on state and federal websites to link directly to official public access sources for law and legislation.

Animal Legal and Historical Center (Michigan State University College of Law)
This comprehensive site provides links to full text cases, statutes, as well as foreign and international materials. Legal information covered in the Maps of State Laws section include animal cruelty laws, dogs laws, endangered species laws and veterinary practice laws for all states. This is a comprehensive site that also has links to pleadings and briefs, journal articles, and historical materials as well.

International Animal-Law

IAL is an organization committed to improving animal and human welfare through an number of initiatives, including the promotion of animal law as a legal discipline. Provides links to EU and U.S. developments in animal welfare policy.

International & Foreign Animal Law Research Guide

Georgetown University Law School Law Library. This handy guide links to European Union regional treaties on protection of animals, legislation on animal welfare from a number of countries, and European Union directives on farm animals, transport and animal experimentation.

World Animal Protection

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) was renamed World Animal Protection in June 2014.  The organization works toward a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended, focusing on animals in communities, animals in disasters, animals in farming, animals in the wild, global animal protection, and animal welfare education.