Current Officers, Committee Members, and Committee Charges

Past Officers

Officers (2021-2022)

Interim Chair

  • Lei Zhang

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

  • Lei Zhang


  • Sarah Walangitan

Immediate Past Chair

  • Mandy Lee

Executive Board (2021-2022)

The Executive Board consists of the AALLC Chair; Vice Chair/Chair-elect; Secretary/Treasurer; Immediate Past Chair; and the chair of one of the standing committees, who shall be appointed by the Chair. AALLC Members who would like to serve in an office are encouraged to contact the chair of the Nominations Committee.

  • Mandy Lee (Immediate Past Chair)
  • Sarah Walangitan (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Lei Zhang (Interim Chair & Vice Chair/Chair-elect)

Committees (2021-2022)

Bylaws Committee

This committee reviews problems concerning the Caucus's bylaws and drafts possible amendments to the bylaws. 

  • Chi Song

Communications & Publicity Committee

This committee is responsible for communicating within our Caucus and beyond the gamut of information about the Caucus and its members. Among the activities of this committee are the Newsletter, Web site, AALLC Forum, Annual Meeting Poster, and Directory.

  • Avery Le (Webmaster)
Community Service Committee
This committee coordinates events and activities that engage the Caucus members with local communities. If you would like to serve on one of our committees, please contact the current Chair. 

  • Sarah Walangitan (Chair)
  • Taryn Marks

Membership & Mentoring Committee

This committee is responsible for nurturing our members (old, and especially new), as well as recruiting new members. Among the activities of this committee are recruitment, welcoming new members, and mentoring.

  • (Vacant)

Nominations Committee

This committee is responsible for coming up with a slate of nominees for the elected offices of Chair-elect and Secretary/Treasurer.

  • Jessie Tam (Chair)
  • Avery Le
  • Taryn Marks

Program Committee

The Vice-Chair/Chair-elect chairs this committee. This committee is responsible for working on a proposal for the AALL Annual Meeting, as well as for a possible speaker/program after the Caucus business meeting. 

  • Lei Zhang (Chair)
  • Mandy Lee
Social Committee
This committee coordinates informal activities among Caucus members to increase camaraderie and to facilitate interactions among members.

  • (Vacant)