Mentoring Program


(Adopted on November 3, 2004)


The AALLC Membership/Mentoring Committee is charged with establishing and implementing a mentoring program that will help match senior member with a newer member of the Caucus. The senior member and newer member will interact with each other at professional events such as the AALL annual conference and at other times. The mentoring program is designed to promote continually closer professional relationships and personal growth among the Caucus membership. The program encourages the participants to share knowledge, experiences, and expertise with each other for mutual benefit and professional development.


The mentoring program is open to all members of the AALLC At the request of the participants, the Committee will assign a mentor to a mentee with closely-matched interests. Potential mentors and mentees will be required to file an application with the Committee.

Tips on being a Good Mentor/Mentee


  • Contact the mentee by telephone or e-mail as soon as possible.
  • Take a few minutes to “talk” to the mentee before the AALL conference and let the mentee know how he or she can contact you. Find out if the mentee has any questions and make arrangements to meet with the mentee at the beginning of the conference or during the AALLC business meeting. 
  • Things that you might want to discuss with the mentee are: the mentee's professional or personal interests; how the AALL conference works--to help the mentee get the most out of the conference; and how to become involved in AALL as a volunteer.
  • In addition, introduce him/her to other colleagues, check on him/her during the conference (especially at group social events), just to make sure he/she isn’t lonely, and make an effort to contact your mentee periodically throughout the year. 
  • One year after the mentoring relationship, please fill out an evaluation form which can be found at the AALLC mentoring program homepage.


  • The mentor should contact you before the conference. If you don’t hear from the mentor, feel free to contact him/her. 
  • Your mentor should make arrangement to “talk” to you (by telephone or e-mail) before the conference. Be sure to ask him/her any questions you may have. No question is too silly. 
  • Some things that you might want to discuss with your mentor are: your interests (either professional or personal); how the conference works (although you may have already arranged your schedule, your mentor can help you get the most out of these sessions; how to become involved in AALL as a volunteer.
  • Don’t be shy about asking to be introduced to other colleagues. If you feel the need, arrange to touch base occasionally throughout the conference. It is not necessary to commit to spending all of your time with your mentor.
  • One year after the start of the mentoring relationship, please fill out an evaluation form which can be found at the AALLC mentoring program homepage


Reach out to the AALLC Membership/Mentoring Committee chair with any questions or comments: Julie Pabarja.