Committees & Appointments

2019-2020 Committee & Appointments

Annual Dinner
The Annual Dinner Committee plans the Annual Dinner.
Zanada Joyner, Co-Chair,
Gail Mathapo, Co-Chair, 
Janice Henderson,

Community Service
The Community Service Committee identifies and promotes opportunities for BCAALL members to donate or volunteer services to law, library and greater community, with a focus on organizations serving minorities.
Malikah Hall,
Gail Mathapo,
Eugenia Minor,
Judith Simms,

The Marketing Committee explores opportunities for publicizing and promoting the activities and goals of the caucus.
Heather Hummons,
Tarica LaBossiere,
Aaron Retteen,
Dawn Smith, Board Liaison,

Nominations Committee
The Nominations Committee runs the yearly elections for BCAALL.
Chris Bloodworth, Co-Chair, 
Michele Penn, Co-Chair,
Tarica LaBossiere,

The Program Committee prepares program proposals for the AALL Annual Meeting.
Errol Adams, Chair,
Chris Bloodworth, 
Heather Hummons,
Meldon Jenkins-Jones,  
Tarica LaBossiere,  
Allen Moye,
Misty Peltz-Steele, 
Mary Godfrey Rickards,  

BCAALL Job Posting Liaison
Tiffani Willis, 

BCAALL Webmaster
Aaron Retteen,