Getting Started

Follow our step-by-step instructions below to get up and running on My Communities, and start collaborating and networking with your peers.

STEP 1: Join/Login

To participate fully on My Communities, you must by an AALL member with an active status. To join AALL or renew your membership, please visit our membership information section. If you are not already logged in, click on the login link at the top right to proceed.

STEP 2: Customize Your Profile and Privacy Settings

Update your profile and add a profile picture to make network connections and be recognized among your peers. Change your privacy preferences to share or hide any part of your profile. The more you share, the more connections you will make.

STEP 3: Communities/Discussion Groups

Join a community and start a discussion. You can join as many Open communities as you like. Use the community's eGroup to ask a question and have a conversation with your peers.

STEP 4: Subscriptions/Notifications

Manage your discussion subscriptions to get email messages when YOU want them. You can choose between real-time, daily digest, and no email.

STEP 5: Ensure You Receive Messages

Add the following domain to your safe senders list: