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A .pdf version of the Session Laws volume is available at the Legislature’s website [2008-Present].
The texts are located by year in the Legislature’s Session Archives.
Lexis produces a code "under the Supervision of the Legislative Service Office," but there is nothing to indicate it has official status.
West produces a competing code.
There is free online access to the Current Code but does not include historic versions.
This is a purely commercial publication Lexis produces the commercial Wyoming Administrative Code.
Most researchers use the online Rules Database provided by the Secretary of State. The advantage of the Secretary of State’s site is that it includes proposed, superseded, and repealed rules covering more than 20 years whereas the commercial publication only has the latest rules.
Even though there is nothing requiring online preservation or permanent public access, there is pretty good historic coverage.



No No No No N/A No

Online Preservation


No No No No N/A No

Permanent Public Access


No No No No N/A No
No statutory requirement. No statutory requirement. No statutory requirement. No statutory requirement. No statutory requirement.

Copyright Claimed


No Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
No indication that the Session Laws are copyrighted. The volumes are marked "Copyright State of Wyoming" This is a purely commercial publication. Both the commercial publication and the Secretary of State's website are designated as copyrighted. As a West publication, editorial enhancements are under copyright.
UELMA Adopted No
Universal Citation Adopted Yes

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