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While the website is the “official” website of the Florida legislature, only the print edition is considered official. According to the State Office of Legislative Revision, both versions are official. While the website is the “official” website of the Florida legislature, only the print edition is considered official. The website refers to the collection as “permanent.” 11.2421 F.S. does mention that the “adoption of the Florida Statutes” (passing the code as a law every year) is the official version, but it does not specify print vs. online. 120.55(5)(b) F.S. Yes; 120.55 F.S. Link is to Florida Courts website; each individual DCA posts its own opinions.



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Online Preservation


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Available online through the State Library and Archives from 1822-present. Preserved in PDF. Available on Florida Senate website back to 1998/Online Sunshine back to 1997 Available through Florida State University (all Florida academic law libraries contribute funds to support this project) back to 1947. (Link) On official site, archived since 1999, including older version which was Florida Administrative Weekly. That changed in October 2012. Updates weekly; old version is not preserved officially. However, you can find versions from 1964-1982 (with more years planned) on the FSU digitalization project Archives back 3-5 years depending on the DCA. No state-wide preservation effort at this time. Archived on official site through 1999; through FSU through 1986. FSU version is designed for preservation.

Permanent Public Access


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Through State Archives Available via FSU Available via FSU Via FSU Digitalization project from 1986 onwards. The project adds more years every year.

Copyright Claimed


No No No Yes No No
Florida Department of State; 120.55(1)(a) F.S.
UELMA Adopted No
Universal Citation Adopted Yes. Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure 9.8. People also frequently use the Florida Style Manual, which is intended as Florida supplement to the uniform citation rules: http://www.law.fsu.edu/lawreview/florida-style-manual.
Notes/Research Florida has one of the most liberal sunshine/FOIA laws in the country and that is one reason why there are efforts by the legislature and others to put everything online. It is also one reason why the state limits copyright of state materials by statute.

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