A Few Links About John Waters, Keynote Speaker, #AALL18

By Mr. Scott Frey posted 07-21-2017 18:12


I'll take AALL at its word: they've already signed up John Waters as the keynote speaker for the 2018 AALL Conference in (of course) Baltimore!

I was thinking at first, what's the link between John Waters and law libraries?  But then I realized, John Waters has gotten in trouble with both the law and libraries for years with his provocative work, especially from his shocking early years.  (Note: Waters' most recent book is called "Make Trouble."  He's been good at that.)

Upon research, I've found more connections.  He's said "if I wasn’t a filmmaker I would have been a criminal defense lawyer, and I think I would have been pretty good."  He's exhibited a series of photographs called Library Science 1-10, which "juxtaposes literature with related pornography,"  As you might expect, Waters has an impressive personal library, "obsessively arranged in different rooms by different subjects."

A professor at the University of Maryland School of Law, Taunya Lovell Banks, has recognized further connections between Waters and the law.  She wrote an article for Stetson Law Review entitled "Troubled Waters: Mid-Twentieth Century American Society on 'Trial' in the Films of John Waters."  She also provided contributions to the Thurgood Marshall Law Library collection called "Hairspray in Context: Race, Rock 'n Roll and Baltimore."

I hope these links will help tide you over as you count down the days to July 2018!




10-04-2017 18:23

​​WHAT!!!!  I am so excited, this is unbelievable.  Baltimore here I come!

07-27-2017 14:29

I am SO PSYCHED for this!  I've been following Waters' work ever since he first grossed me out with the horrifying coda to Pink Flamingos!  I can't wait to hear him speak!