Three's Company Fair Use Challenge

By Meg Kribble posted 02-07-2014 16:21

Fans of 70s and 80s TV may be especially interested in a fair use case that is making the news. Is the play 3C a fair use of the sitcom Three's Company?

Playwright David Adjmi initially agreed to not do any more productions of his play after its Off Broadway run ended in 2012. He was recently convinced to change his mind and filed suit asking the Southern District of New York to rule that it doesn't infringe.

Adjmi claims his play is a parody that deconstructs the sexism and homophobia of the original, but DLT Entertainment, copyright owner of Three's Company, claims that 3C's use of 17 elements from their property is too many. DLT also says it is considering a Three's Company stage production and fears audiences will be confused.

Read the full story at the New York Times and Adjmi's complaint.