Pixels & DMCA Takedown

By Kelly Leong posted 08-12-2015 14:38


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows copyright owners to request that suspected infringing content, often videos, are taken down from a website. Well, sometimes these "take down requests" can have unintended effects. For example, Columbia Pictures recently released a film entitled Pixels. Surely, they copyrighted a number of works related to this film and sought to zealously enforce their rights through a company called Entura International which has been referred to as a copyright troll. The request was quite broad and resulted in a number of items being removed from Vimeo website including a short film, a music video, and content related to Pixels Festival in  Mons, Belgium. Most interestingly, it even removed the film's own movie trailer.  Whoops! As of August 10, 2015, the original take down notice was withdrawn and videos are being restored to Vimeo.

 While notice and take down provisions under the DMCA are an important method for controlling online infringement it must be used wisely.