The following information covers the Code, Register, Session Laws, General Laws, and Court Opinions.

Official Status
Code, Session Laws, Register, and General Laws are not designated official. The online version of The Reporter of Judicial Decisions is deemed the official source of court opinions before publication in print.

Code, Session Laws, Register, General Laws and Court Opinions are not authenticated. 

Code, Session Laws, Register, General Laws and Court Opinions not preserved. 

Permanent Public Access
The state has guaranteed permanent public access for Session Laws and Register. The state has not guaranteed permanent public access for the Code, General Laws and Court Opinions. 

Code, Register, Session Laws and Court Opinions are not copyrighted. General Laws has copyright notice that says: "Copyright [year] by Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Thomson Reuters" but Preface suggests copyright claim is in editorial enhancements: “General law chapter and section numbers appearing in bold face type and section line numbers appearing in the right margin are editorially supplied. Chapter headings and captions between sections are part of the General Laws but section headings are generally not part of the General Laws and are editorially supplied. Lower case letters use in parentheses to designate subsections of the General Laws which sometimes appear in italic typeface in the Acts and Resolves, uniformly appear in roman typeface throughout the 2010 edition. Effective dates of acts amending the General Laws, where noted, are editorially supplied and are based on provisions of the Massachusetts Constitution and General Laws governing the effective date of statutes…Brackets appearing in the Massachusetts Constitution indicate obsolete text and are editorially supplied.”

Universal Citation 
The state has not adopted universal citation.

More Information
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Updated as of 4/27/2015