Official Status
The General Assembly's PDF versions of the Code, Acts, Administrative Code and Administrative Bulletin
are designated official.

Materials on the General Assembly website are not authenticated.

Older versions are maintained on the website:
• Code to 1839.
• Acts to 1838.
• Administrative code to 1998.
• Administrative bulletin to 9/24/1997.
• Court rules to Feb. 2002

It is not clear if an official policy is in place that requires this preservation.

Permanent Public Access
Iowa has not passed legislation that guarantees permanent public access for these legal materials.

Laws, regulations, court rules, and court opinions are not copyrighted.

Universal Citation
Iowa has not adopted universal citation.

More Information
2007 Report 
2009 Update 

Iowa Update email 2016.pdf

In Iowa, the Legislative Services Agency (LSA) publishes the official versions of the acts, code,
administrative code and bulletins, and court rules (Iowa Code § 2A.1(2)(d)). These can be either print or
electronic (Iowa Code § 2A.5). The LSA also has the authority to determine how these sources should be
cited (Iowa Code § 2B.17).The Iowa Supreme Court has designated West's North Western Reporter,
starting with vol. 158, the official reporter of Iowa appellate decisions (Iowa R. Civ. P. 21.22(4)). In case
of any discrepancies, "the latest version of the opinion on file in the clerk's office is the controlling
opinion" (Iowa R. Civ. P. 21.29)

Iowa has not adopted UELMA.

Updated as of 4/28/15