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The following information covers the Appellate Court Opinions (includes both Supreme Court and the Intermediate Court of Appeals), the Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR), Session Laws, and Statutes.

Official Status
Appellate Court Opinions designated as official and reside on the Judiciary Server.  Session Laws, and Statutes are not designated official.  The Lt. Governor's office maintains Hawaii Administrative Rules, electronic copies are not official.  http://ltgov.hawaii.gov/the-office/administrative-rules/

Information for Appellate Court Opinions are authenticated when filed in the Judiciary Electronic Filing System (JEFS). Session Laws, and Statutes is not available.

For policy on Appellate Records Retention, see http://www.courts.state.hi.us/docs/sct_various_orders/order37.pdf. Session Laws, and Statutes is not available.

Permanent Public Access
For Appellate Court Opinions refer to records retention policy. Records can be accessed online from any computer with a subscription to JEFS, or for free at each courthouse.  http://www.courts.state.hi.us/docs/sct_various_orders/order37.pdf. Session Laws, and Statutes is not available.

Session Laws, and Statutes is not available.

Universal Citation
Judiciary uses the Blue Book. (The exception is that we spell out Hawai‘i, using the "okina.")

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Updated 5/1/2015