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Here's my resume. I'm testing this blog out.

Comprehensive Resume
Brian D. Striman
5530 S 73rd St.
Lincoln NE 68503-2015
402-472-8286 ---
Education MLS, 1978. University of Missouri-Columbia (ALA accredited).
BA, 1974. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Work 1982-present. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Schmid Law Library.
Experience Catalog Librarian (1982-1985); Technical Services Librarian (1985-1986); Head of Technical Services and Catalog Librarian (1987-present). Tenured, with rank Professor of Law Library, responsible for the daily efficient operations of the Technical Services Department, including cataloging and classification, Innovative Interfaces, Inc. online catalog technical services modules for the maintenance of law holdings and law government documents records, binding operations, serial claiming, loose-leaf filing, mail processing, serials check-in, marking and labeling, and training and supervision of 3 FTE Library Assistants, and special projects student assistant for retrospective conversion. Assisted in teaching legal research with other librarians (2003), and perform occasional reference services.
1978-1982. Creighton University Kluznick Law Library. Catalog Librarian.
1997-1978. University of Missouri-Columbia Ellis Memorial Library. Graduate Assistantship, Library Assistant, Pre-order Search Dept.
Professional Activities and Awards Since 1986
 Chair, Technical Services Special Interest Section (AALL) 2013-2014.
 Moderator, 2014 AALL program “Dialog for Catalogers and Reference Librarians: Class K from Alpha to Omega. “
 Member, OBS-SIS Nominations Committee 2014.
 Member, TS-SIS Membership Committee, Education Committee 2014.
 Chair, TS-SIS Bylaws and Handbook Committee 2014-2015.
 Co-Presenter 2013 MAALL Annual Meeting “Weather You Like it or Not: Disaster Planning for Your Library.”
 Presenter 2014 MAALL Annual Meeting “Discovery Outside the Law Firm.”
 Created and administrator for TSLAWCHATS professional facebook group (165 members) for law librarians.
 Co-created/co-administer for RDA Café professional facebook group for any librarian interested in cataloging and RDA/FRBR, etc. (1,381 members).
 Co-webmaster/creator for Big Ten CIC law libraries website fall 2014.
 Teach one class annually, since 2010, for Advanced Legal Research “Techniques in Finding Resources in Academic Law Libraries’ online Catalogs.”
 Co-Presenter 2012 AALL Annual Meeting education program "Who Wants to be an Acronymaire?"
 Presenter at 2012 MAALL Annual Meeting "Which Way to Discovery?"
 Recipient of the inaugural 2009 AALL Volunteer Service Award for significant contributions to the work of AALL. Awarded at 2010 Annual Meeting.
 Chair, Mid-America Association of Law Libraries (MAALL) Digitization and Regional Retention Coordination Committee; its charge is to investigate, survey, and compile results of the digitization efforts, including the purchase of digitized versions of
traditional print resources, and retention policies and activities of print legal resources within the 19 MAALL libraries. 2008-2010.
 Wrote AALL keynote program review for SPECTRUM blog (July 2009).
 Co-host on “The Law Librarian” with Richard Leiter, a weekly regular show on blogtalk 2008-2009.
 Submitted two program proposals for the 2010 AALL Annual Meeting.
 Member of MAALL Nominations Committee 2008-2009, 2012-2013.
 Member of MAALL Grants Committee 2008-2009, 2012-2014.
 Supervised 4 library science degree candidates with technical services areas for practicum requirements from the SISLT University of Missouri-Columbia program (fall 2009-2012).
 Presenter at Mid-America Association of Law Libraries (MAALL) Annual Meeting, October 2008, program titled “Swartz vs. OCLC.”
 On the faculty of the one-day AALL July 2008 Annual Meeting pre-conference workshop titled “Amazing Technical Services: The Director’s Cut.”
 July 2008 moderator/coordinator of an AALL educational program titled “Exploring Relevancy Ranking Systems in Search Engines on the Web.”
 Chair, moderator, at the 2008 AALL July meeting of the TSLL Editorial Board.
 Past-President and Executive Board member of MAALL, 2006-2007.
 Local Arrangements Committee member for the 2007 MAALL Annual Meeting (term October 2006-November 2007) to be held Nov. 1-3, 2007.
 AALL Chapter President, MAALL, October 2005-October 2006.
 Vice President/President-Elect MAALL October 2004-October 2005, and Chair, MAALL P
 Program Committee for the MAALL October 2005 Annual Meeting.
 Member-at-Large, Technical Services Special Interest Section 2004-2006. Chair of Innovative Interface’s opening reception at the 2006 American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Annual Meeting (budget of $5,500)
 Presented an evening class and was later interviewed by selected students of the U. of Missouri Library and Information Science program 2005-2006.
 Editor-in-Chief, of a jointly sponsored AALL TS-SIS and OBS-SIS publication titled Technical Services Law Librarian (June 2004-September 2008).
 Speaker at the 2006 AALL Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Chapter Leadership workshop.
 AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee member for the 2003 AALL Annual Meeting, Seattle.
 OCLC NEBASE Advisory Council member 2001-2004.
 Presented a program to cataloging students, on basics of law cataloging in an academic law library, October 1, 2003 and in 2004.
 Presentation given October 31, 2003 at Nebraska Library Association Annual Meeting titled “Dead-End OPACs.” sponsored by the Technical Services Roundtable, in Omaha.
 OBS Nominating Committee Chair for 2001/2002.
 Attended 2003 Annual Meeting of the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries, University of Oklahoma.
 Presented a program at the July 2002 AALL Annual Meeting “Technical and Public Services Connections: Making the Most of Your Online Catalog” in St. Louis.
 Presented a program at the 2002 SEALL/SWALL Annual Meeting, April 2001 titled “The Web, Technology and Technical Services.”
 Presented a program at the October 2001 Mid-America Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting titled “Bringing the Back Room Front-and-Center: Connecting Technology and Information to Enhance User Services.”
 Chair, OBS SIS 1999/2000.
 Member of American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) SIS Council 1999-2000.
 Co-speaker in a video shown at the 2000 AALL Annual meeting program titled “Gateway to Career Renewal: Paths for the Experienced Librarian.
 Gave a presentation on research and publishing tips at the OBS/TS Research Roundtable at the 2000 AALL Annual Meeting.
 Column editor for Research and Publishing column for the Technical Services Law Librarian (TSLL) quarterly 2001-2002.
 Workshop Speaker - at the 1998 AALL Annual Meeting, July 11th. All day workshop with 4 other speakers, program titled “New Horizons: New Schemes for New Regimes--Understanding and Implementing JZ and KZ.”
 Program Speaker/Actor - 1998 AALL Annual Meeting, July 13th: 2-hour program with 14 other players, titled: “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts: Team Building in ‘Our Library’.”
 Moderator-Coordinator OBS-TS SIS Joint Research Roundtable, 1992-1998, and resuming again as Moderator-Coordinator beginning 2001 at the AALL Annual Meeting.
 Speaker/Program Coordinator for 1999 AALL Annual Meeting educational program titled “Classifying International Legal Materials by Using the Library of Congress Classification.”
 Chair, Form/Genre Task Force, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries 1998.
 1997/98 worked with Ellen McGrath to get membership approval from both TS and OBS SISs to form the OBS/TS SIS Joint Research Grant, an award for funding of up to $1,000 to support research and publication activities for AALL members who qualify.
 Chair of the OCLC network NEBASE Advisory Council 1996-1998.
 Speaker at an education program at the October 1996 Mid-America Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting, program titled “GPO Access: An Overview of the Service, Information on the Issues Surrounding it and an Update on the Latest Information on GPO and FDLP.”
 Member of the AALL Academic Statistics Committee 1995-1997.
 Presented a program "Using the Internet in Technical Services" at the 1995 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries, in Regina Saskatchewan.
 Panelist at a program during the July 1995 AALL annual meeting titled "Integrating Access to Online Internet Resources."
 Presenter for a program titled "Using Internet in Technical Services Law Libraries" at the October 1995 annual meeting of the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries in Topeka Kansas.
 Speaker at 1994 AALL program "Internet as a Library-wide Resource: Tools for Acquisitions, Serials, Cataloging, ILL, and Reference."
 Workshop coordinator and presenter for 1994 Mid-America Association of Law Libraries (MAALL) program titled "Internet Applications for Technical Services."
 Chair, TS/SIS Nominating Committee for 1994-1995.
 Committee member of MAALL Internet Committee 1993-1995.
 Chair, Innovative Interfaces Law Users Group 1992-1993.
 Program Coordinator and moderator at the 1993 AALL program "Modifying the Library of Congress Classification Scheme for the Smaller Law Collection."
 Member of the AALL Committee on Research 1993-1994 term.
 Speaker on the 1990 AALL program "Title Varies: Avoid the Embarrassment of Sloppy Serials Cataloging."
 Panelist on 1989 AALL program: "Standard Classification or Deviation in Firm and Corporate Legal Collections."
 On the faculty of the 1988 AALL Basic Cataloging Institute. Presentation entitled: "Superseded Materials and Pamphlets Accompanying Loose-leaf Services."
 Chair, AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section Ad Hoc Committee to Investigate Publishing Opportunities for Technical Services Law Librarians, 3 year term 1988-1991.
 Executive Board member 1988-2000 of Technical Services Law Librarian as representative of OBS SIS for a few years and later as a column editor.
 Liaison to the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries newsletter for news items for Nebraska academic, county libraries and the state law library 1989-1993.
 Appointed to the TS/SIS Cataloging and Classification Committee 1989-present.
 Nominating Committee member for the AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section 1991/1992 term; also Nominating Committee member of the AALL On-Line Bibliographic Services SIS 1992/1993 term.
 Member EDI/SISAC Ad Hoc Committee of TS/SIS Serials Committee 1991-1993.
 Secretary/Treasurer AALL TS/SIS 1986-1987.
 Member of TS/SIS Ad Hoc Committee to Study Member Involvement 1987-1988
 Member of the TS/SIS Cataloging the Classification Ad Hoc Committee on Caption Abbreviations for MARC holdings information1987-1988.
 Program Coordinator for the 1986 AALL Annual Meeting educational program titled “Problem Publications in Law Libraries.”
 Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly publication for the AALL Chapter, Mid-America Association of Law Libraries. MAALL Markings, 2010-present. Write “From the Editor” column, and program summaries for keynote speakers at the MAALL Annual Meetings (2012-present).
 Co-author, Selected Bibliography of Nebraska Legal Resources, AALL Occasional Paper Series sponsored by the Government Documents SIS, 2012.
 Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly publication Technical Services Law Librarian, 2004-2009.
 1992-1998, 2000-2001 Column Editor – TSLL column “Research and Publications.”
 1996-1997 Contributor/Annotator - Library of Congress Classification (LCC) K schedules “Catalogers Notes.” These are annotations to the LCC. Published by F.B. Rothman / Editor, Larry Dershem.
 NLAQ Nebraska Library Association Quarterly. 2 articles in 1997 “Getting a Handle on Computer Software: Developing a Plan” and “Getting a Handle on Computer Software: What to do When They Arrive.”
 1999 Guest Columnist - TSLL, various columns dealing with classification of international legal materials in the series “Using LCC to Classify International Legal Materials.
 1998 Guest Columnist - N-Cubed Nebraska Library Commission Network Services News.
Committee Activities
 Chair, AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section (over 700 members).
 Chair, MAALL Newsletter Committee 2012-present.
 Chair, TS-SIS Nominations Committee 2010/2011.
 MAALL Nominations Committee, Member 2008-2009.
 MAALL Digitization Regional Retention Coordination Committee, Chair 2008-2009.
 MAALL Nebraska liaison for the MAALL Government Relations Committee 2006-2010.
 MAALL Grants Committee, Member 2008-2013.
 MAALL Internet Committee, Member 2010/2013.
 Liaison MAALL Website Committee 2010-present.
 MAALL Executive Board Committee 2006-2007.
 AALL TS-SIS Member-at-Large 2004-2006.
 AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee 2004
 Past Chair, NEBASE Advisory Council. 1997-1999.
 Past Chair, AALL OBS-SIS (312 members).
 Chair & Secretary (permanent rotation) of UNL Libraries Technical Operations Group (TOG). Meets bi-weekly. 1992-2009. Schmid Law Library liaison to this group.
 Past Chair, AALL OBS-SIS Education Program Committee 1999/2000.
 Past Chair, Form/Genre Task Force (under auspices of TOG) 1998.
 Member, various other UNL-Libraries DARM sub-committees and task forces.
 Member, AALL TS-SIS Cataloging & Classification Standing Committee.
 Member, AALL TS-SIS Ad Hoc Committee on Genre Term for Legal Materials 1998-1999.
Special Activities/Involvement
 Regular contributor to many University of Nebraska Law College student events.
 Co-Auctioneer, Spring, 2007-2010 University of Nebraska College of Law SBA Charity Auction.
 Volunteer helper and participant in various Law College activities, including spring annual commencement exercises, Bocce Ball tournaments, and Mel Shinn Activity Day.
 Leader of jointly sponsored Innovative Interfaces reception at the 2005 AALL Annual Meeting (hosts nearly 400 colleagues).
 Co-owner of UNCLTEX electronic list 1994-2002. This list promoted discussion and problem solving among the UN libraries system, with emphasis on technical services operations and issues for UNO, UNK, UNMC, UNL LAW, and the UNL Libraries.
 In 1998, chiefly responsible for creation of a new jointly sponsored AALL OBS/TS SIS research and publication committee that awards research grant monies up to $1000 for AALL members regarding some aspect of technical services law librarianship.
 Co-writer/co-creator of the proposal for the establishment of a new TS-SIS award: Renee D. Chapman Award (with Jean Pajerk and Lynn Randall published in TSLL Nov. 1990 issue).
 Co-Recipient of the Ralph H. Parker Award (1978) for outstanding graduate, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Library and Information Science.
 Work experience cataloging and classifying legal materials since 1978.
 Middle-management supervisory experience since 1988.
 Working knowledge of AACR2rev, USMARC, OCLC, ISBD, LCC for legal materials.
 Internet, discussion list owner, and web creator, designer and manager for several sites.
 Over 20 years experience with Innovative Interfaces Inc. system; up to and including Millennium “Sierra” and all III beta releases working with the main university libraries staff.
 Experience using : Macintosh, Windows7, create/maintain websites using CMS, MS Office 365, and LARS (J.B. Flescher software for binding data entry, search and retrieval).
Professional Association Memberships
 American Association of Law Libraries, 1980-present.
 American Library Association, 1987-1999.
 Mid-America Association of Law Libraries, 1982-present.
 Nebraska Library Association, 1983-1999.
 Richard A. Leiter, Professor of Law, Director, Marvin &Virginia Schmid Law Library, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law, Lincoln NE 68583-0902. 402-472-5737
 Sally H. Wise, Professor of Law, Director, University of Miami Law Library, P.O. Box 248087, Coral Gables, FL 33124-0247
 Patricia Cervenka, Professor of Law, Director, Marquette University Law Library, P.O. Box 3137, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3137
 Sandra Placzek, Head of Public Services, Marvin & Virginia Schmid Law Library, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law, Lincoln NE 68583-0902 402-472-8261
 Dee Ann Allison, Director, Computer Operations Research Services, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, Love