Deadline for Program Proposals only a few days away

By Ms. Janet Ann Hedin posted 10-11-2012 20:44

Are you sitting back afraid to hit that submit button? Do you have an idea in the back of your mind but are afraid that it isn't good enough to submit or that it has been done a zillion times already?  Are you thinking that there are plenty of other people who are out there submitting their proposals, we really don't need yours?

We need your input - we need your talent - we need your suggestions.  Don't sit back - submit that proposal.  It may just be one of the most unique ideas to come down the pipe that could make all of AALL at Seattle stand up and take notice.  Even if you don't have all the i's and t's cross, submit your proposal.  It is possible that other people might have similar ideas and if accepted, we can put you in touch with each other to put those final details in it for Seattle. 

Don't wait - submit your proposals now!