Pokémon Go and Legal Research, Part III?

By Mr. Scott Frey posted 02-15-2017 15:02

Ah, July 2016.  The AALL Annual Meeting.  The nominations of Trump and Clinton.  Pokémon Go.

Back in the day -- seven months ago -- I mused (twice!) about the connections between Pokémon Go and legal research.  Since then, Pokémon Go has gone from a game that was changing the world to just another game.

But wait ... there's an update: more Pokémon; more evolutions; more candy; and more!

I doubt Pokémon Go will take over everything like it did in July.  But you might see a few law students, attorneys, random visitors, and maybe even a hip judge (Neil Gorsuch, anyone?) stop by your place of employment if it's got a PokéStop or Pokémon gym.  And maybe a few law librarians too.

And perhaps the metaphors I suggested in my posts will be a bit more meaningful again, at least to the people who are catchin' 'em all.

As for me, I'll be at a pier or two this weekend.  All the SoCal Pokémon Go aficionados know that piers are the hot spots for catching Pokémon.  :D