Vampire Slayers and Fair Use

Vampire Slayers and Fair Use

Jonathan McIntosh, self-professed pop culture hacker, shares his interesting fair use tale on his blog, rebelliouspixels.  The story, which is unfolding even as I write, is one in which an entertainment industry giant (Lionsgate) has claimed copyright infringement against McIntosh's Buffy v. Edward remix video on Youtube and issued a takedown request, with which Youtube intially complied. McIntosh argues (successfully as of today) that his use of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer content is transformative use for the purpose of commentary and criticism, and is therefore appropriately entitled to a fair use exception under copyright law.

McIntosh also acknowledges the invaluable support he has received in this battle from New Rights Media. New Rights Media is a program of the California Western School of Law. From their website:

We provide free legal services to independent creators and internet users. We use what we learn to improve laws that affect these folks.

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